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Reflexology is a type of therapy which involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, hands and ears. It’s based on the theory that these body parts are connected to certain organs and body systems. It offers a range of health benefits by stimulating the nervous system by applying pressure on reflex points.

Reflexology is a more delicate form of massage where the therapist uses traditional techniques to stimulate unique pressure points. It helps relax and heal various corresponding areas of the body, unlike in a traditional massage, simple manipulation of various points in the ear, hands, feet and face can cause tremendous relief in other areas.

Unlike a foot massage session, a foot reflexology session not only relaxes our feet but our entire body and could also prove therapeutic to chronic medical conditions elsewhere in the body.

This reflexology foot chart suggests how different points on the feet can affect different body organs.


Health Benefits of Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is more than a mere good foot spa. Reflexology treatment involves a more delicate form of massage where the therapist uses traditional techniques to stimulate unique pressure points that help relax and heal various corresponding body areas. Unlike in a traditional massage, simple manipulation of various points in the ear, hands, feet, and face points can cause tremendous relief in other body areas.

Benefits Of Reflexology

Reduce stress and anxiety

Improve circulation

Reduce Musculoskeletal pain


Moreover, people can get the following benefit from foot reflexology treatment

  • boost your immune system
  • get over colds and bacterial infections
  • clear up sinuses
  • recover from back pain
  • ease arthritis pain
  • ease sciatica pain
  • treat nerve problems and numbness
  • correct hormonal imbalances
  • boost fertility (study)

Reflexology is one of the safest and least invasive therapies among all alternative therapeutic practices.

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Research on Reflexology

Reflexology is considered the topmost complementary and alternative medicine in the UK and other parts of Europe and is widely used in healthcare practice. However, a study shows its effectiveness in reducing symptoms and improving quality of life, like a massage.

Pain Management with Reflexology

For women who are experiencing premenstrual syndrome (PMS), researchers have studied the effectiveness of reflexology in PMS conditions. In this study, researchers looked at the effects of ear, hand and foot reflexology on 35 women who previously reported the symptoms of PMS. Also, you can get reflexology when pregnant since it is safe and healthy for an expecting mother and a child.

They found that those who received two months of reflexology treatment reported significantly reduced PMS symptoms than the women who did not receive the treatment.

Another study was conducted in a group of 68 females having dysmenorrhea symptoms at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in 2010. In this group, Reflexology treatment was more effective in reducing the intensity and duration of menstrual pain compared to Ibuprofen therapy.

Anxiety Management with Reflexology

In one small study from 2000, experts looked at the effectiveness of one 30-minute foot reflexology treatment on people being treated for breast or lung cancer. Those who received a reflexology treatment reported lower anxiety levels than those who did not.

A study in 2014 had researchers giving people undergoing heart surgery a 20-minute foot reflexology treatment once a day for four days. Experts found that those who received the reflexology treatment reported significantly lower anxiety levels than those who didn’t. Touch of another human being releases the happy, calming hormones in our body and helps reduce anxiety, promotes healing and brings a sense of care.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Reflexology

A regular relaxation massage usually includes a foot massage and involves the manipulation of the tissues to get deep relaxation. A massage can greatly benefit your circulation and improve muscular health.

A reflexology session can be done uniquely to either the hands, ears or feet or as a full body reflexology and involves manipulating pressure points to relax you.

RELAXATION REFLEXOLOGY or an adjuvant therapy can treat chronic medical conditions.

MEDICAL REFLEXOLOGY goes deeper, targeting deep tissues and organ systems and aiding overall health and well-being.

It depends on personal preference. Some people book twice a week, some go for biweekly/monthly.

It is safe during pregnancy. But it has to be done by a trained therapist because there are some reflex points we should be careful about.

You will feel like a new body. You may or may not feel a little high temperature the next day, loose bowels, sweating, or great deep sleep. Don’t worry, these are good signs. Your body releases toxins and will return to normal in a day or two. Many people claim that they feel full of energy for about a week or two.

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