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Reflexology, commonly referred to as zone treatment, is a traditional, complementary therapy that targets pressure points on the hands and feet to help with stress relief and other conditions. Reflexology is a type of massage that uses targeted pressure on the hands and feet to cause a response in your body. This is similar to massage but without the use of oil or lotion. This alternative therapy is a low-risk choice for treating various symptoms, including sleep issues, from pain treatment to stress reduction.

Defining reflexology

An age-old holistic treatment called reflexology has been around for about 5,000 years. Reflexologists use pressure on the feet, hands, ears, and occasionally the head and neck to cause a reaction in the body’s major organs and other comparable locations. This touch treatment aims to influence the functionality and health of various body parts. According to popular belief, certain regions of the hands and feet correspond to particular organs, nerves, glands, tissues, bones, and ligaments.

These pressure points regulate physical and psychological processes. Applying pressure can promote healing and relaxation. Reflexologists draw a map or chart of hands and feet. Your body’s natural balance can be restored, and pressure can improve circulation.

Reflexology services are frequently provided in conjunction with other manual therapies like chiropractic adjustments, massages, and specific types of physical therapy. Reflexology may have long-lasting effects or be able to treat some medical issues like stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and psychiatric disorders; however, this is not proven scientifically.

Reflexology is effective for short-term and long-term symptom relief when combined with other therapies and treatments (Homeopathy) . Although skilled professionals frequently perform reflexology, some people experiment with activating their pressure points to attain the same effects.

How can it improve your sleep?

Reflexology is becoming increasingly well-liked as a low-risk method of treating insomnia and promoting sleep since it encourages relaxation, lessens pain, and calms the nervous system. Millions of people have sleep disorders or insomnia in some way. While chronic insomnia lasts three months or longer, acute insomnia lasts only briefly. Memory loss, fuzziness, melancholy, heart disease, and weight gain are just a few medical and psychological problems that sleep deprivation, and lack of restorative sleep can lead to if left untreated.

Most insomnia conditions are secondary, indicating that another underlying problem triggers or contributes to them. Numerous individuals experience relief from sleeplessness by addressing these variables. This idea also underlies reflexology for sleep. Pressure points related to tension, anxiety, and discomfort can be stimulated to lessen or eliminate the source of your sleep problems.

One of the most common reasons for insomnia is stress. It can be difficult to get and stay asleep due to racing thoughts, elevated heart rate, and irritation. Unable to unwind leads to a persistent state of hyperarousal, particularly at night. Additionally, it can be challenging to find a comfortable sleeping position when you have chronic pain and discomfort, and you could wake up multiple times during the night. Reflexology helps you fall asleep quickly and deeply while reducing distractions by addressing your physical and emotional health issues.

Best pressure points for sleep

You can identify the parts of the body that certain pressure points correspond to by looking at a reflexology map of your hands and feet. Professionals strive to relieve certain symptoms and disorders by igniting these areas. Many names and titles by therapists refer to these pressure sites. Ancient Chinese names, letters, and numbers are sometimes used, though they all aim at the same broad areas.


Spirit gate/Shen men/HT7

This pressure point, which is situated beneath your pinkie finger at the crease of your outside wrist, has several names. Applying pressure to this region might soothe the mind and promote emotions of calmness and relaxation. This may help you relax and get some sleep by reducing tension and worried thoughts. Some patients claim that their sleep is better quality and lasts longer.

Bend your hand forwards and search for the crease on your wrist right below the bottom of your hand to find this pressure point. The tiny hollow space will be felt for by the reflexologist, who will then press in an upward and downward or circular motion. The therapist will use this acupressure technique on your wrist for around three minutes, alternating between the left and right sides before moving to the other hand.



The KD3 point, also known as Taixi, is another well-liked pressure point for enhancing sleep and is situated directly above the heel on the inside of your foot. Applying pressure on the KD3 point, frequently used to treat hypertension, anxiety, and stress, may help drop blood pressure, lowering your risk of heart disease and other health problems. A therapist will apply deep, sustained pressure for around 5 seconds before releasing, similar to activating the SP6 pressure point.


Bubbling spring

The pressure point on the sole of your foot is known in reflexology as the bubbling spring. You might detect a little depression over the middle of your foot when you curl your toes inward. The pressure point you’re looking for is this indent. For a few minutes, apply firm pressure here while massaging in circular circles to help you fall asleep, calm your mind, and center your energies.

Laying on your back, you perform this reflexology procedure. You must bend your knees sufficiently to reach your feet if you’re doing it yourself. You may detect the indentation on the sole, close to the center, by grabbing your foot and curling your toes. Use the other foot to repeat this process. It can be more pleasant and beneficial to let an expert stimulate it to relax and get the rewards of the bubbling spring pressure point.

Highstone is an ideal place to get your reflexology treatment because it offers a tranquil environment and various services tailored to your needs. To ensure you have the finest reflexology in Flower Mound, TX, our experienced therapists can customize the techniques for the utmost benefit.

The relaxing atmosphere of our reflexology clinic allows for deeper relaxation during the session. We also offer various other wellness services such as massage, exercise, Homeopathy, Alternative Medicines, Salt therapy, red light therapy, and overall Holistic Care and advice.making it a great place to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body.

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